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Linda McQuillanCaptain U.K.

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Captain U.K. was Myrr/Merlyn’s chosen agent on Earth-238, which descended into darkness under reality-warping mutant James Jaspers’ influence; Jaspers unleashed the Fury, a killer cybiote that slew the world’s super-beings. Linda joined the few survivors in a desperate last stand, but the Fury slaughtered them with methodical ease; realizing they couldn’t win, Linda’s husband Rick teleported Linda to another reality while the Fury murdered him. Linda reappeared on Earth-616 and abandoned her heroic identity; but when the 616 Jaspers began his rise to power, she warned her counterpart, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), of the potential threat. She encountered the Fury (which had traveled to Earth-616), but Merlyn saved her, and Captain Britain and the alien Special Executive buried the cybiote beneath tons of rock. When Jaspers transformed Britain into a fascist state, Captain Britain confronted Jaspers while his ally Saturnyne cajoled Linda back into costume. The Fury fought and slew Jaspers, sustaining heavy damage, and nearly killed Captain Britain before a berserk Linda ripped it to pieces. Immediately thereafter, she joined Brian and Saturnyne in attending Merlyn’s funeral in Otherworld, headquarters of the Corps, agents of Merlyn like Brian and Linda.

R.C.X. (Resources Control Executive) asked Linda to protect the Warpie children transformed by Jaspers’ reality warp. Captain Britain refused to assist, but his sister Betsy let R.C.X. move into Braddock Manor. When Brian left the country, Betsy took over as Captain Britain, mentored by Linda. Merlyn’s heir Roma informed Linda her anomalous presence on 616 was preventing the damaged reality from fully healing, and sent her to Earth-794 to overthrow the tyrant Opul Lun Sat-Yr9. Roma also reached back in time to rescue Rick from moments prior to his demise. After the couple deposed Sat-Yr9, Linda was reassigned to Earth-839, where she battled the Red Monarch. When the Corps tried Captain Britain for breaching their rules, Linda was his defense council and sole ally. After this dispute was resolved, Linda explained the source of the Corps’ powers to Brian before returning to 839. She returned to 616 for Meggan’s hen night, then attended Brian and Meggan’s wedding.

When Sat-Yr9 regained control of Earth-794, Roma sent Linda, the 616 X-Men and the Corps to apprehend her, after which they opposed Dr. Doom of 616. Later Linda fought alongside the Corps against the 616 Fantastic Four. When the Corps defended Otherworld from the computer Mastermind’s Warpie army, Linda fled to enlist Brian’s aid, returning with Brian to repulse the invasion. Recently, Linda helped Brian and Meggan seal an interdimensional breach that would have spread the “House of M” reality warp across the multiverse.




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