Carl Rives

Carl "Carny" RivesCarl Rives



Carl Rives is a known felon that often traveled with carnivals or circus companies. His obsession with the sisters of two unidentified Senators resulted in three high profile deaths and his incarceration. It was said Rives died in the Special Containment Center underwater supermax prison, but the priest who initiated the rumor was part of a Goblin cult that worshiped Norman Osborn (also imprisoned there) and lied. Rives was actually set free to find Norah Winters, a newspaper reporter for Front Line, and bring her back to document Osborn's escape, orchestrated by the mysterious Goblin cult. Rives was unable to flee the penitentiary on his own because something in the walls caused his phasable body to dissolve on contact, so a mini-sub served as transportation. Osborn, Winters and three other convicts joined his second departure, speeding away before Osborn blew up the prison to cover their escape. Back in the outside world, Rives found a circus to visit.






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