In the days before the fall of Atlantis, when man was in his infant state and more reliant in the supernatural, a sorcerer named K'nutu, a resident of the land that would later become known as Southwestern North America, awakened the demon Zarathos. Knutu offered him a continuous supply of souls in exchange for the demon's aid in conquering their adversaries. Their agreement worked well, as K'nutu's tribe thrived and a powerful cult built up around Zarathos. The cult would later come to be known as the Cult of Zarathos, this intrigued Mephisto, who coveted the souls that Zarathos was devouring. Mephisto chose a human servant to aid him in upsetting the plans of Zarathos. He selected the young prince whose village had been conquered by K'nutu's tribe. The adored princess had been shackled and taken into captivity, to later be sacrificed to Zarathos. The befuddled prince prayed to the gods for the power to save his lover, but his prayers were answered by the devil. Mephisto answered the call, and took the prince's soul from him. After which he sent him forth to the City of Ten Thousand Souls, which was the realm of Zarathos. As the demon's servants looked on, Zarathos was enthused to devour the soul of the princess, but he was distracted by the arrival of the prince who later became known as Centurious.


6' 6"


215 lbs.





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