Cerise (Shi'ar)



UNCANNY SPIDER-MAN (2023) #2 artwork by Lee Garbett


The Many Loves of Nightcrawler

As Nightcrawler woos Silver Sable in 'Uncanny Spider-Man,' revisit a few of his other whirlwind romances with characters like Jimaine Szardos and Christine Palmer.



Cerise traveled the universe as part of the recruitment team for the intergalactic Shi'ar empire, offering alien races an opportunity to join them. However, when the commander of her team decided to annihilate one of the races, instead of recruiting them, Cerise steered the ship into the nearest star causing the death of the ship’s crew, however, she managed to escape and was stranded on Earth. When news of her "crime" reached her home world Cerise was tried and convicted for the deaths of her crew members. Although, she was unaware of her conviction until the free-booting Starjammers, took her to a prison planet to serve her sentence. After an undisclosed period of time, Lilandra, the Shi'ar Majestrix, arrived on the planet and Cerise was allowed to explain her actions, which persuaded Lilandra to grant her an immediate pardon and she offered an advisory position on Lilandra's staff.




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<p>Feathers: Black, brown, pink, and white</p><p>Other distinguishing features: The Shi'ar race possesses both avian and mammalian physical characteristics. Hence, Cerise has feathers instead of hair atop her head.</p>

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