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Daniel Dash remembered himself to be an Autistic man who was out of touch with the world and enjoyed watching his brother Dwayne perform stunt flights. During one of Dwayne's stunts he started to fly too low, but before he could crash into some trees in his path they were disintegrated by one of Daniel's Chaos bursts. Upon saving his brother's life the crowd began to fear him, the Founder soon confronted him and recruited him to the X-Men.

In reality, Chaos is a nanotech creation which was based upon Havok and Cyclops. He and the rest of Cerebro's X-Men were created in order to aid Cerebro in his "dream", the capture, cataloguing and storage of all mutants.

The team was successful in kidnapping Shadowcat and defeating the real X-Men in combat, but failed to capture a mutant-tracking satellite due to interference from the X-Men.

Chaos and the rest of Cerebro's X-Men were absorbed into Cerebro and destroyed in order to grant enough strength to defeat the X-Men.



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