Chondu the Mystic

Harvey SchlemermanChondu the Mystic



A self-proclaimed master in the mystic arts of yoga, Harvey Schlemerman took the stage name Chondu the Mystic and began lecturing to paying customers on the mind arts, though he was widely believed to be a charlatan. Chondu, however, learned to pierce dimensional barriers with the power of his mind and honed his ability to cast various spells for different effects. When escaped convict Joe Parker tried to carjack him with a gun, Chondu used his powers to send Joe to the other-dimensional Limbo, planning to leave the convict there until the evil was gone from him. It is unknown if Parker was retrieved, or if Chondu did the same thing to other humans. Chondu continued performing for various fairs and carnivals, but grew weary of people doubting his skills.


Varies with bodies, originally 5'8"; (composite form) 6'2"


Varies with bodies, originally 155 lbs.; (composite form) 250 lbs.




Bald; formerly black

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