Cloud 9 (Abigail Boylen)

Abigail "Abby" BoylenCloud 9



Cloud-controlling teen Abigail Boylen was recruited by War Machine (James Rhodes) for the federal Initiative program. As Cloud 9, she trained at Camp Hammond in Stamford, Connecticut, where she met fellow cadet MVP (Michael Van Patrick) after wandering into the mens shower. Intrigued, he observed Cloud 9's training session where cadet Trauma (Terrance Ward) panicked cadet Armory (Violet Lightner) into firing her Tactigon weapon randomly. Cloud 9 froze in shock and MVP died saving her from Armory's misfire. Camp officials covered up the incident. Later, Cloud 9's anxiety over this horrific accident triggered Trauma's fear-mirroring power and he briefly transformed her into her greatest fear, a vengeful MVP. Despite her insecurities, Cloud 9 earned the camp's highest firearms score, so War Machine issued her a pulse rifle during an Initiative fight with terrorist group Hydra; Cloud 9 downed a Hydra jet, killing the pilot. Shaken by this fatality, she struggled during subsequent training with Black Widow (Natasha Romanova). The cadets later clashed with Zodiac terrorist, but were defeated. However, Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor)'s New Warriors chased the Zodiac away at the cost of a teammate's life.




105 lbs.





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