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Not much is known about Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Savin’s history after he was put in charge of security of the U.S. Army’s Project: Ultra-Tech. Soon after he had took this job he was approached by Lieutenant Gina Dyson who revealed to him that the project is just a front for a massive misappropriation of government funds and that there is no Project: Ultra-Tech. She also revealed that the project leader Mako worked for three multinational corporations and that they even build a fake city in the desert to play their private war games by testing their own build super-soldiers. Savin started to investigate these claims by braking into Mako’s office, but was captured and transported to the fake city. Savin was given a jeep and soon after he got inside the city. He ran over a freshly planted mine that exploded destroying the jeep and killing him. His body was quickly retrieved and reanimated. Gina then operated on him transforming him into a cyborg designated as Coldblood-7. She removed his memory center, replaced his damaged left eye with mechanical implant and replaced his severed limbs with the state of the art artificial ones. After she was done they put him in his attack car and remote controlled it back to the fake city.

When Coldblood woke up he didn’t have any knowledge who or where he was before his computer told him that he was in New York. Computer also told him that he was cyborg Coldblood-7 and it also told him that he was under attack. Suddenly a tank attacked them, but Coldblood managed to destroy it with the weapons on his car. He soon met more resistance some mechanical beings and some living people. Gina Dyson contacted him by buried frequency and then guided him to the main building. When Coldblood got to her she gave him all facts of his former self by uploading them in his computer. She also removed all access from him so Mako couldn’t destroy him. She then told him to escape from the city. Coldblood left and got heavy resistance when Mako realized that he didn’t have of the former connections to Coldblood. Coldblood managed to get to the wall and crashed right trough it by his car and headed towards Las Vegas. When he got to Las Vegas one of the Mako’s robots tried to destroy him, but accidentally shot some bystander. Coldblood once again escaped with his car, but got police after him. After he managed to lose the police he was contacted by one of Mako’s robots. Mako had captured Gina and blackmailed Coldblood to come back to the fake city. Computer tried to convince him not to go, but Coldblood still went anyway. After he arrived to the city he was comforted by several Mako’s robots that Mako used to play with his head. Mako also had hacked his way to Coldblood computer making him see something that wasn’t there. At the same time Gina managed to escape with the help of Charles who was also working for Mako. Coldblood soon run in Gina, but almost shot her believing that it was again one of Mako’s robots. Computer told him that she was a robot, but also told him that as long Mako controls him he can make Coldblood see anything he likes. Coldblood decided to believe himself and freed her even when his computer protested. Coldblood and Gina fought trough several Mako’s robots and finally got in the main building. Gina told Coldblood to destroy a junction box so that the robots would shutdown. He did what she asked and the robots stopped where they stood. As Mako noticed this he ordered his human mercenary troops to attack Coldblood. Coldblood managed to survive when Gina blew up all the Mako’s booby traps he had set in the city. Mako himself then appeared in an exoskeleton called Weapon Walker. Mako managed to severely wound Coldblood, but was eventually killed when Coldblood called his car and used its weapons to destroy Weapon Walker. Coldblood then left with Gina who also repaired his body to operate in 100% efficiency.

After Coldblood started his mercenary life he had run-ins with Mechadoom and Meggan. His big change came when Roxxon hired him to hunt down Deathlok. He traveled to Paris where Deathlok was trying to retrieve his real body with the help of Wild Pack and Siege. Coldblood managed to surprise Deathlok, but eventually lost the fight. Deathlok then showed him that what he had been told was a lie and Coldblood decided to help Deathlok to get his body back. After they managed to get to his body it was wired with explosives. Coldblood helped him in defusing the bomb, but they didn’t succeed and it exploded. Raged Deathlok then went after Harlan Ryker with Coldblood and Siege. They found him in Kuwait destroying some oilfield and attacked them. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. soon arrived and together they managed to capture Harlan Ryker. Deathlook gave Coldblood ride back to America and then they parted ways.

After the Civil War|recent events Coldblood was seen transported to Negative Zone prison for unregistered superheroes. How he was captured isn’t revealed, but his mechanical arm seems to be replaced with one that looks like a normal hand.






(right) Blue, (left, mechanical) Grey or Red



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