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After being confronted by the Contemplator to gather a team of future reality Deadpools to save the universe form a menace that would destroy everything in existence. Deadpool (Wade Wilson, Earth-616) traveled to Earth-103173, a reality where scientists Von Braun and Eigor conducted the Mascara-X Project, a process similar to the Weapon X program of Earth-616, on a dog by the name of Wilson in the hopes to create a new process for the Babelline Cosmetic company that would give it customers eternal youth. Believed dead, the scientist discarded the dog's body, but it was discovered by performers of a local circus who exploited the dog's power giving him the name "Deadpool, the Daredevil Dog," until Deadpool (Earth-616) recruited him to become a member of the Deadpool Corps.


6'5" (permanently in metal form)


700 lbs. (permanently in metal form)





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