Count Ophidian

Count Ophidian

Count Ophidian is the young changeling Prince of the Vridai who seeks to find a peaceful home for his fellow displaced brethren.



The young ruler of the Vridai, plant-based shape-shifting Fae from Svartalfheim, Count Ophidian is just coming into his role and faces not only the fate of his people’s survival after the War of the Realms, but also his royal advisor Birgit who has plans of her own.


A Royal Changeling

Born the Serpent Prince, in the first hour of the year’s dark half, Unseelie monarch and breaker of the minds of many, Ophidian is the son of Vridai royalty—a race of shape-shifting Fae from Svartalfheim. He is raised by a ruthless governess, Birgit. Once as a child, he screamed in the night and the guards came running only to find Birgit who claimed he had a bad dream, but he was never the same after that. 



As a Vridai, Ophidian is a shape-shifter, able to alter his physical appearance at will. He possesses defensive magic as part of his physiology, such as creating a replica, or exoskeleton, of his body to fool onlookers.


Close Ties and Closer Threats

Count Ophidian is the ruler of his people, the Vridai, and allied to his governess Birgit. She is ruthless and manipulative, and Ophidian grows up scared of her. He finds allies in Earth’s Strikeforce team, a group of Super Heroes who know how to deal with dark forces. The team’s comprised of the half-man half-vampire monster hunter Eric Brooks, AKA Blade, the electromagnetically empowered Monica Rambeau, AKA Spectrum, the magical mystic Billy Kaplan, AKA Wiccan, the high-flying Super Hero Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, brainwashed Russian spy turned hero Bucky Barnes, AKA Winter Soldier, the Asgardian princess stolen from the cradle, raised as an angelic assassin Aldrif Odinsdottir, AKA Angela, and the half-human son of Satan Daimon Hellstrom, AKA Hellstrom.

While looking for a temporary safe haven, Strikeforce and Ophidian ally with the mercenary with a mouth, Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool on his Monster Island where he rules as King. While spending some time regrouping, Ophidian talks to Angela privately and helps him realize that he has knowledge that he can bargain for which will ensure a home for him and his people. She also offers to teach him strategy since she would have wanted someone to do it for her when she was young like him.


Tumultuous Tale

Count Ophidian cares about their people, especially when they become refugees after the War of the Realms destroyed their realm of Svartalfheim. Though his former governess, now advisor, believes that their best option is making a home in Midgard, that is Earth, and placed an imposter on the throne.

Held captive and unconscious by Birgit, Count Ophidian woke up to find himself in a Midgard hospital with Strikeforce team members Hellstrom and Wiccan. He left an exoskeleton of himself to fool them into thinking he was still there, and made his escape. Though he was soon discovered by Hellstrom and Wiccan, who suggested that he must not be on good terms with Birgit. At the sound of her name, Ophidian shuddered and looked around as if she was there. Hellstrom informed him that she wasn’t there and that they needed to get him back home. Ophidian revealed that the Vridai don’t have a home anymore and desired to help them find one. 

Strikeforce agreed to help the count find a new home for his people. They established a temporary base on Monster Island with King Deadpool’s reluctant approval. But they were followed by Birgit. She threatened to release hundreds of Vridai spores, Strikeforce member Blade brokered a deal to hand over the Count in exchange for the Vridai’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Ophidian and the other Strikeforce members discovered Birgit had already planted her spores and they were spreading. Shortly afterward, Birgit tried to escape to Svartalfheim with Ophidian, but the Strikeforce team followed them and ended up in the midst of a battle between warring Dark Elf armies. They managed to teleport away with Ophidian to Monster Island. In a Battle Royale on the island, Ophidian posed as Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, and defeated all the opponents. After winning, Ophidian revealed himself and as the winner, he was offered a job and home on the island.



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