Crackajack Jackson

Jackson (first name unrevealed)Crackajack



A friendly hobo traveling the countryside alone attracted the Hulk to his campsite with his melodic harmonica playing. The two became friends, and Crackajack even taught Hulk how to spell. Ashamed to admit he had a son he hadn't seen in years, Crackajack told Hulk he was on his way to visit the jailhouse where his son was incarcerated. Hulk facilitated the journey, but they arrived as the prison was under attack by two escaped convicts with superhuman abilities; one of them was Crackajack's son, Leroy. He tried to speak with his son, but Leroy was unwilling to listen to his father's heartfelt apology. When Crackajack moved closer to Leroy the Energy Synthecon that attached Leroy to his partner, Anvil, got in the way and killed Crackajack on contact. After defeating the two criminals, Hulk buried his friend and fashioned a tombstone with Crackajack's name on it because he remembered his friend told him, "A man ain't got nothing if he ain't got his name."









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