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unrevealedCrimson Dynamo



The Crimson Dynamo was a member of the Alpha Gen Soviet Super Soldiers and was put into a Cryogenic stasis where it would remain until it was awakened after a nuclear explosion was detected. After the Cold War ended the base it was positioned at became abandoned leaving him and his comrades. During a fight, the Order's member Infernal Man, set off an enormous explosion which was detected to be a nuclear blast activating the Crimson Dynamo and the rest of the Soviet Super Soldiers. They confronted the Order on their way to California where they were to wreak havoc. The Order found them to be nuclear and sought to find their base of operations. On Drenkov Island, Calamity found the three men controlling the Soviet Super Soldiers. Unable to kill the three sleeping men, due to moral values, Supernaut was sent to finish them off. Aralune sensing they only had one chance left ate the bomb and absorbed the blast. The blast apparently destroyed the Crimson Dynamo.









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