Cru was the only surviving member of her family, after the destructive Brood attack of the planet Ujor. Upset and grief stricken from the horrible event, she volunteered to undergo augmentation, by way of her people's organic technology, becoming capable of slaughtering entire ships of Broods by herself, eventually becoming feared as a monster by the Brood race. Learning of the Brood Imperiatrix's survival, Cru tracked her to Earth and slaughtered the Brood crew. The survivors, desperate to kill Cru, convinced her that some artificial energy-enhancing cavorite crystals on Earth could be used as weapons, without revealing that explosively unstable cavorite can destroy half a planet. Meanwhile, the Imperiatrix fled in one escape pod while other surviving Brood escaped in a second. Not knowing which pod contained the Imperiatrix, Cru followed one to Spaulding, Georgia, where the Brood crew began exterminating the residents the residents. Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), who was also tracking the pod's descent, killed many of the Brood before Cru made her presence known. Fixating on Danvers, Cru tore through the crystal's location out of her mind and assaulted McCord Army Base, violently gaining access to the crystals and channeling her powers through one, evaporating the town and base in the process. Too late to prevent the explosion, Ms. Marvel chased the cavorite-powered Cru into low Earth orbit, where Cru stabbed Ms. Marvel and accidentally infected her body with part of Cru's repair and rebuilding protocols before Ms. Marvel channeled her own photon blasts into the crystal, causing it and Cru to explode.


12' (variable)


1,504 lbs. (variable)


Red, no visible iris


Light gray

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