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Cristal LemieuxCrux



Cristal Lemieux remembered herself to be a teenage French girl with a natural talent for jumping, this talent soon decreased as her mutant powers emerged. During a pratice session with her American rival at ice-skating she melted the ice beneath her rivals feet, this was witnessed by the Founder who recruited her to the X-men.

In reality, Crux is a nanotech creation based on the mutants Iceman and Sunfire. She and the other X-Men were created by Cerebro for the purpose of acting out his "dream". The capture, categorization and storage of all mutants

Cerebro's X-Men succeed in kidnapping Shadowcat and defeating the real X-Men; But failed to steal a mutant-tracking satelitte due to the X-Men's interferance.

Crux and the rest of Cerebro's X-Men were absorbed into Cerebro himself and destroyed in order to grant Cerebro enough strength to defeat the X-Men.





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