Cy-phyrr 4



Cy-phyrr 4 was a robotic construct created and programmed by the Mergence to protect Tenebrae. He was ordered to keep the Earth women Alicia Masters safe, so she could be used as leverage against the Silver Surfer, who the Mergence felt was a threat it's goal of absorption of the planet Earth. Cy-phyrr 4 held Alicia within the Microverse thinking that this would keep her safe, but they were attacked by technological creatures belonging to the Microverse. The duo eventually escaped, although Cy-phyrr was severely damaged and his ship was destroyed during the confrontation. After he repaired himself, he gave Alicia a weapon to protect herself from any other possible attackers. Although, the attackers seemed to be afraid of Alicia, due to her being biological organism, which caused them to retreat. Sensing that Tenebrae was in danger Cy-phyrr gave Alicia an interstellar body-suit, which gave her quantum sight, and the ability to see the universe’s energy patterns. She could manipulate those patterns to fly, an activate pre-existing dimensional gates. Together they flew across Sub-Atomica, but they were separated. Cy-phyrr found Tenebrae aboard the ship of the Psycho-Man.









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