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André GerardCyclone



Andre Gerard was a former N.A.T.O. engineer who developed a device capable of generating high wind speeds. He called his invention the Cyclone and planned on using it as a weapon of war. But N.A.T.O. told him that they did not need his device as all weaponry came from America. They also told him that they did not require his services anymore. Angry at this announcement and blaming the Americans, he donned a costume and used his device for crime. Calling himself Cyclone, he formed a small gang and kidnapped J. Jonah Jameson, who was in France at the time. Cyclone sent a note to the Daily Bugle, pretending that it was from Jameson himself, and asked Peter Parker and Robbie Robertson to bring $1,000,000 dollars to France. No sooner had they arrived in their hotel in France that Robbie received a phone call from Jonah's kidnappers. Robbie told Peter that his kidnappers wanted to meet him and asked Peter to remain behind. But Peter didn't listen to Robbie's request and changed into his costume to follow Robbie and ensure his safety. Luckily for Robbie that he did as he was soon attacked by Cyclone's gang. Spider-Man intervened and knocked all of the gang members unconscious. However, he was subsequently attacked by Cyclone himself and easily beaten. Cyclone then kidnapped Robbie himself and made his way back to his base. However Spider-Man managed to track him down and once again fought Cyclone. This time Spider-Man managed to beat Cyclone by using a fan to create a vortex in reverse to Cyclone's vortex. The resulting force managed to knock Cyclone unconscious and was sent to jail. He served a year's sentence before being sprung from prison by the Maggia and sent to serve "Big M", who was really the Masked Marauder. Teaming up with Moon Knight, Spider-Man once again managed to beat Cyclone. Years later, Cyclone was killed by the Scourge




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