Cynosure (Saen Sendak)

Saen SadakCynosure



Acting as the leader of the Luminals, Cynosure was ready to destroy the monster, Abyss by allowing the end of the universe to swallow him up forever. Taking his team to a place called Knowhere, Cynosure was positive that Abyss would not be able to escape this time, but even the best laid plans can go awry as he was about to find out. Abyss slowly started to escape from his prison and attacked the citizens of Knowhere turning them into “meat puppets” that succumbed to his will. The first of the Luminals to fall was Suspensor, and she did not last long after a battle with a confused Nova led to her demise. Cynosure and fellow team members, Crater and Discharge accused Nova of murdering Suspensor and tried to avenge her, but a severely weakened Nova had to retreat and evade whatever punishment the Luminals wanted to dish out. Cynosure returned to the prison holding Abyss and said some parting words, but without warning, Abyss assaulted the remainder of the team in the same manner he attacked Suspensor, and the rest of the Luminals were turned into zombies as well. Cynosure and the others ambushed Nova and the Chief of Security on Knowhere, Cosmo only to be held at bay long enough for Nova to seal Abyss back in his prison and be destroyed once Abyss’ hold on them was gone. So even though Cynosure wanted to rid the universe of the monster Abyss, it was the monster that would rid the universe of Xarth Three’s greatest protectors.









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