Dallas Riordan

Dallas Riordan



The granddaughter of a founder of the covert V-Battalion, Dallas Riordan forsook that heroic group to become a New York City police officer. Following distinguished service, she became a mayoral aide and was assigned as city liaison to the new Thunderbolts super-team. She even dated team member Atlas, but when the Thunderbolts were revealed to be super-villains in disguise, Dallas was blamed for the city’s involvement and fired. Having nowhere else to go, she joined the V-Battalion as their latest Citizen V field operative; however, the criminal Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer) framed her as the supposed leader of the Cowl’s Masters of Evil, leading to her capture by the Thunderbolts.

Freed by the V-Battalion, Dallas resumed her Citizen V role but later rebelled when ordered to commit murder. Fleeing the Battalion, she was defended by the Thunderbolts, then abducted by the Crimson Cowl, who left her crippled and stranded in Latveria after a fierce battle. When Dallas returned to America, she learned Atlas had died; however, he survived as ionic energy, and her love served as an anchor that bound him to the material world. They soon merged, with the disembodied Atlas sharing control of Dallas’s body and imbuing her with ionic powers. The combined pair fought Graviton alongside the Thunderbolts and were stranded with them on Counter-Earth. The Thunderbolts helped Counter-Earth recover from various disasters but ultimately returned to their home world where Atlas and Dallas were unmerged. As a result Atlas gained a new body and Dallas gained new powers.

Now calling herself Vantage, Dallas remained with the Thunderbolts out of love for Atlas and distrust of their leader, Baron Zemo. She cooperated with Zemo in a scheme to absorb the world’s transnormal energy, but the Avengers intervened, and the Thunderbolts disbanded in the incident’s aftermath. However, Vantage was offered a Homeland Security position by reserve Avenger Warbird.

Soon after becoming a member of the Commission on Superhuman Activities, Eric Josten, became enraged and somehow managed to restore the powers within himself that were given to Dallas. This caused her to be paralyzed once again, but this has not stopped her from her duties as a member of the CSA. As a result she no longer uses a the codename “Vantage”. Recently, Dallas regained her mobility again; due to her regaining her powers after Atlas used his body to sealed up one of the Well of All Things (a nexus in which certain super-energies are contained within),although he was still trapped in his enlarged form.


5’ 1”


150 lbs.





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