Danika Hart

Danika Hart

Vlogger Danika Hart publishes the latest videos of Super Heroes, which often spotlight Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man.


'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' Explained: Who Is Ganke Lee?


'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' Explained: Who Is Ganke Lee?

Read on for everything you need to know about Ganke Lee before playing 'Marvel's Spider-Man 2'!



Video blogger Danika Hart is an influencer and modern-day reporter, often covering stories about Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man.


Spider-Talk Vlog 

Danika attends New York University and lives in the dorms where she broadcasts her vlog “Danika Hart”, which includes her series “Spider-Talk” that featuring the latest news about Spider-Man. 

When an epic battle between a demon and Spider-Man happens five blocks from where she lives, she catches the fight on video and shares it with her subscribers. She also discovers from a tear in Spider-Man’s costume that he’s a kid of color. She gets super excited about this representation, and invites her subscribers to dance with her about it.



Through genuine excitement, a bubbly personality, and marketing skills, vlogger and influencer Danika Hart encourages her subscribers to be her eyes and ears where it concerns Spider-Man. She’s also resourceful, using her building’s rooftop to catch any glimpses of Super Heroes in action.



Danika addresses her channel’s trolls all the time, calling them out for their rude, hypocritical comments. 



Danika loves her “Danika Hart” vlog subscribers, and keeps them updated about everything surrounding the new Spider-Man.

She gets close to one of Spider-Man’s closest confidants, Ganke Lee. Ganke slips up about Spider-Man’s identity and while Danika could make a lot of money with the information, she protects his secret due to her love for Ganke.


Vlogger Extraordinaire

The next time Danika published her vlog, she called Spider-Man her true love and asked her subscribers to tell her anything he does on the daily. She then revealed horrifying footage of Spider-Man face planted on the ground and bleeding, surrounded by men with guns, and being dragged away.

When Danika noticed a young man following her (Ganke Lee), she threatened to call campus security and mace him, but when he mentioned he was friends with Spider-Man who was missing, she lowered her guard. The young man didn’t give his name but he informed her why Spider-Man was missing: an Inhuman had a vision of him killing Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, and all the Super Heroes saw it. He asked for her help to track him down before anyone else. So, Danika implored her subscribers to help her find Spider-Man. She then took the young man to the top of her building where they waited for Super Heroes to swing by. As they chatted, and Danika shared how this spot was a way for her to escape the hustle bustle of the city, she started getting notifications that Spider-Man was spotted in Washington D.C., and soon Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, flew by them, headed south.

She later visited Brooklyn Visions Academy and ran into the young man from before, Ganke. Ganke refused to give her his real name and instead gave her the name “Ned,” and she leaned in for a kiss but changed her mind. She and Ganke started to grow closer. After kissing outside of a coffee shop, Danika asked him if he told Spider-Man that she was his girlfriend. “Ned” hadn’t and tried to defend himself. In his defense, he let slip that Spider-Man’s name was Miles. Danika offered to pretend she didn’t hear it. “Ned” re-introduced himself as Ganke Lee and thankful to know his real name, she hugged him.

Back in her dorm room, Danika called a relative and asked how much people pay for Super Hero secret identities. She then met Ganke for breakfast, calling him “Ned” and handed him an envelope. She walked away, looking a bit sad. In the letter, she wrote how she was going to sell Spider-Man’s identity to a website but changed her mind due to her love for Ganke.



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