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Many centuries ago the Hell-Lord Mephisto sent his gargoyle-like servant Dargil to Basilica Alicante, Spain, in search of the soul belonging to Benedicto de vica Severtes. Severtes had agreed to relinquish his soul to Mephisto at the time of his death, although he decided to renege on the bargain by concealing his soul beneath a mystic armor making it undetectable to Mephisto. Dargil eventually found his target only to be beheaded by Severtes who was now known as the Brass Bishop. Desperate to preserve his soul the Brass Bishop confronted Mephisto in Hell, offering to trade Dargil’s head in return for his soul. The diabolical demon refused his offer, but was willing to give the Bishop his soul for Beatriz's which now resided in Heaven. While trying to use the Solomon Seal to penetrate the gates of Heaven the Brass was confronted and defeated by Modred the Mystic and the diminutive member of Alpha Flight known as Puck.







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