Dazzler (Earth-58163)

Alison BlaireDazzler



Alison grew up under the watchful eye of her lawyer father on Long Island. Always eager to perform, Alison was a talented singer who was unable to catch any breaks-until the day she became a mutant. With the ability to transform sound into light, Alison became an overnight sensation in a world looking for the next big mutant act. She became the biggest pop star in the world, selling millions of records and performing in front of stadiums full of loyal fans.

Unfortunately, like all teen idols, her star eventually faded and she drifted from the public eye. After years in obscurity, the girl once known as Dazzler discovered her new calling as the host of her own talk show, Alison. Able to shed her pop past, Alison is known for her ability to get not only the biggest mutant heroes to do her show, but also political leaders. Alison is the place mutants and humans turn to find out what's hot in the mutant world and what they should be thinking. It is currently the most popular talk show in America, and perhaps the world.




135 lbs.




Strawberry Blonde

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