Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost


BLADE: VAMPIRE NATION (2022) #1 cover by Valerio Giangiordano


A History of Vampirism in the Marvel Universe

Learn how vampires infiltrated the Marvel Universe in this dark, extensive history!

BLOODLINE: DAUGHTER OF BLADE (2023) #3 artwork by Karen S. Darboe


Meet Deacon Frost, Blade's Most Personal Enemy

Who is Deacon Frost? Read on to learn more about the vampiric villain who turned Blade into the Daywalker.

AVENGERS (2018) #45 panel by Luca Maresca and David Curiel


The Major Vampires of the Marvel Universe

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Frost was the vampire responsible for Blade's creation. It was Deacon Frost who had bitten Blade's mother, while she was pregnant and in labor with Eric. (*Frost feasted on the woman as she gave birth, passing on a series of enzymes that altered her baby. The enzymes entered the infant's bloodstream, transforming him into a Dhampir - a being tainted by a vampire's kiss, but not converted. Frost was driven away before he could slay the child, but Blade's mother died. *) (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe AZ 2006#4: Deacon Frost) - Embarking on a long period of wandering, Frost eventually reached the U.S.A. and began killing indiscriminate, regarding humanity as cattle to feed his hunger.)


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