Deadpool 2099 (Warda Wilson)

Warda WilsonDeadpool 2099

Deadpool 2099 inherits a singular healing factor from her father of the same name, and she’s ready to beat the shock out of anyone that stands in her way.



It’s the year 2099 and the daughter of Deadpool is the Deadpool of now. She’s Warda Wilson and she’s a sci-fi Mouthy-Merc-Lady who has an ax to grind…with her father.


Desperate Search

Daughter of Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, and the demonic Queen of the Underworld, Shiklah, in the year 2099 A.D., Warda Wilson is the Deadpool of her era. 

Warda’s existence, however, was kept from Wade. But when her mother goes missing, Warda locks up her elderly father in a safe house to get answers. Though Wade doesn’t remember much, Warda attempts to jog his memory using telepaths, machines and drugs. When nothing works, she forces her father to watch C-SPAN as punishment. He does recall that when his daughter Ellie died, everything went to hell and he lost it, fighting tooth and nail with Shiklah.


Fast Healer 

Inheriting her father’s healing factor, Warda uses her powers of regeneration to get what she wants.

As Deadpol, Warda is equipped to the nines, armed with a high-tech suit and weaponry. Her suit’s helmet has a retractable feature and she wears a jetpack on her back. Plus, she rides a flying mechanical dragon to conduct her business and escape from anyone that pursues her.


Family Drama

Warda believes that her father had something to do with her mother’s disappearance and in locking him up, she makes a new enemy: her own rediscovered half-sister Ellie Preston, who takes their father’s old suit and challenges her for the name Deadpool. Ellie reunites their father with her adoptive mother, the A.I. hologram Emily Preston, and together they form a plan to stop Warda and help her.


The Trusted Gang

Deadpool has her own gang of henches known as The Bobs, who do her bidding and come to her aid when needed.


A History of Deadpool Issues

While making an escape from police, Deadpool called on her henches, The Bobs, to aid in her escape and one of them spoke of a new vigilante but she didn’t have time to deal with it. Instead, Warda ordered them to meet with The Rose, while she attended to her father.

Warda decided to explore the subterranean Monster Metropolis that her mother used to rule. There, she found a horde of her father’s old stuff and one thing missing from it. Suddenly, Warda was notified by her mini dragon robot that Wade had been liberated from his chains. Warda called on The Bobs to converge on the safe house and rode her full-size dragon to meet them in battle. Upon arriving, she saw her father on a getaway vehicle with a cloaked menace in an old pacifist uniform of her father’s, and had her dragon breathe fire to stop them. The imposter attacked Warda, who goaded her about needing her mom, and Warda demanded to know what Wade did with Shiklah. She pulled off the imposter’s mask to reveal her aged half-sister Ellie Preston, who threatened to take back the family name and reunited her father with her adoptive mother, a hologram of Emily Preston. Though the pair got separated, Deadpool caught up with Ellie and threatened to have her Bobs release an elder beast upon a concert at Madison Star Garden should anything happen to her. She then instructed Ellie to get Wade to cough up her mother or everyone in the Garden would die.

When time ran out, her father, all gussied up in his old gear, showed his scarred face. The daughter-dad duo fought until Warda used a hostage to get what she wanted. She was interrupted by an attack from Ellie, so Warda ordered her dragon to attack, but Ellie soon cut off its head. Warda nearly unleashed the eldritch horror herself but Ellie stopped her and reminded her that they didn’t know about her because of Shiklah. But Warda was stubborn and released the beast, a siege weapon about two feet tall that grew to gigantic proportions. Wade and his allies fought the beast while his daughters traded blows until Warda hit Ellie with napalm, leaving her burnt to a crisp as Wade was forced to watch. 

Warda returned Wade to Monster Metropolis and was confused why he wasn’t more upset over Ellie’s death. He then revealed that Ellie was a mutant, and her gift was in fact regeneration but all at once, returning to the age her mutant powers manifested. She appeared young and renewed, and battled Warda yet again. Eventually Warda got hit with Emily’s A.I. device, and pairing with Warda, Emily became Warda’s temporary conscience to clean up house.



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