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Deadspot, was an international assassin in an alternate timeline known as MC2 (Earth-982), who was hired to kill an American senator in Pairs, which she efficiently pulled off, by making it appear as if the senator fell victim to a heart attack during a press conference. Deadspot's next assignment would bring her to New York City, United States of America, where her target was Spider-Girl. Deadspot tracked Spider-Girl to a secret meeting with the new crime-lord of the underworld, Black Tarantula's underling Chesbro, where he informed Spider-Girl that she was the target of a deadly international assassin. Deadspot waited for Spider-Girl to leave the meeting before, showing herself to him and informing him that he was also a target, but she demanded the name of his employer before she would take his life. Spider-Girl returned before Deadspot could make her threat a reality, battling Deadspot until she was forced to retreat by crashing a wedding as a diversion. Deadspot was later given a new assignment, to obtain the secret files of Wilson Fisk, former underworld kingpin. Deadspot tracked down and killed Charlie Kurkle, who was holding the Crimelord (Mona Carlo) at gunpoint, while demanding that she give him the disk containing the Fisk files. Deadspot demanded that the Crimelord hand the disk over to her, but she was interrupted by Spider-Girl, who defeated Deadspot, by rendering her magnetic power-pack inoperable, and turned the psychopathic killer over to two police officers that arrived on the scene.









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