Derek Bishop

Derek Bishop

Derek Bishop, father to Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye, is a wealthy and influential person in the publishing industry, who is also involved in criminal activities.



Rich publishing magnate Derek Bishop and his wife Eleanor Bishop have two daughters, Susan and Katherine, who goes by Kate. He and his wife Eleanor donate some of their wealth to charity, establishing a path for their daughter Kate to follow in their footsteps. 


Mysterious Origin

Derek Bishop’s origins are a mystery, and how he made his wealth just as such.


Business Sense

Derek has great business sense, having become a wealthy and influential person in the publishing industry.


Familial Foes

After Derek eliminates his wife Eleanor, she survives, but as a half-vampire and lives in hiding. She works against him by joining the nefarious Giulietta Nefaria, AKA Madame Masque to take her revenge for ruining her life.


Family Bonds and Business Allies

Though sometimes distant, Derek cares for his daughters. He especially cares when Kate gets hurt while working with the Young Avengers as the hero known as Hawkeye.

After his wife seemingly perishes, Derek remarries a woman named Heather, but this change causes friction between him and his daughters.

Though it remains unclear, Derek has dealings with Madame Masque.


A Hidden Criminal History

When Derek’s children Susan and Kate were still young, he was involved with shady, secretive dealings that his family remained unaware of, except his wife Eleanor. Once she found out, he killed her—the circumstances of which remains unclear. However, unbeknownst to her family, she survives as a half-vampire. Afterward, Derek raises their children on his own.

When Kate joins the heroic teenage Super Heroes, the Young Avengers, Derek is not pleased to see the danger she puts herself in. After she gets shot at and strangled, Derek takes her to the hospital. After waiting an hour, he impatiently yells and threatens the staff.

While Kate got more involved in charity and hero work, Derek worked in secret with Madame Masque, who becomes a persistent enemy to his daughter. 



Known Relatives