Devastator (Kirkov Petrovna)

Kirkov PetrovnaDevastator



Kirkov Petrovna was a soviet spy, posing as Captain Peter Kirkman of a highly secure Hulkbuster military base and used his position to smuggle equipment into the installation to be assembled into a power suit. When General "Thunderbolt" Ross captured the monster known as the Hulk, securing him in a prison thought to indefinitely contain the brute, Petrovna decided to abandon his false identity and attacked Hulkbuster base with intentions to destroy it. Petrovna, now calling himself Devastator, caused more damage than he was aware of and unwittingly released the Hulk from his subterranean holding facility. Devastator was convinced he possessed enough power to destroy Hulk and turned his deadly energy blasts against the jade giant. Attempting to keep Hulk at a distance, Petrovna was left powerless after Hulk got close enough to crush Devastator's gauntlets. Unwilling to accept defeat, Devastator tried to fire one more blast at Hulk, but the severely damaged gauntlets could not release the tremendous amounts of energy building up inside them. The gauntlets forced the power inward, destroying the suit and killing Petrovna.




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