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Little is known of Lillian Crawley’s life before joining the Canadian government’s Department H in the Gamma Flight training program for the super-team Alpha Flight. She briefly romanced her teammate Madison Jeffries before the Department was shut down, after which Crawley and her former teammates were recruited into Omega Flight by Delphine Courtney, android assistant to Jerome Jaxon. Omega Flight was sent to attack Jaxon’s old rival James Hudson, who was Alpha Flight’s leader, Guardian. Crawley was easily bested by Shaman before Hudson was seemingly killed when his battle-suit exploded.

Imprisoned, Crawley and her teammates were freed by Courtney to attack Alpha Flight once more; however, they were defeated by Jeffries and imprisoned again. The Canadian government later sought to replace Alpha Flight as their officially-sanctioned team, and Crawley was pardoned to join a new Gamma Flight. She first visited Jeffries hoping to rekindle their relationship, but found him engaged to Hudson’s widow Heather. Crawley was swept up in Alpha Flight’s battle against Llan the Sorcerer, after which she remained with Alpha and renewed her relationship with Jeffries.

At some point, Crawley discovered a lump in her breast. She ignored it hoping it would go away, but when it continued to grow she had it examined. Doctors were unable to perform a biopsy due to her impenetrable skin until after Alpha Flight’s battle with the alien Consortium, during which Crawley was wounded by a laser and, in an act of desperation, killed the weapon’s owner to claim it; the cyst was diagnosed as benign.

After Jeffries almost died in Alpha Flight’s battle against Diablo, he proposed to Crawley and she accepted. Resigning from active duty with Alpha Flight so they could marry, Crawley soon became concerned over her husband’s apparent addiction to adventuring with his Box robot. Nonetheless, she agreed to join him on a mission with an ad-hoc team of Alphans to combat the demonic Carcass. Subsequently, Jeffries was recruited into a restructured Alpha Flight, but was captured on the team’s very first mission. Crawley came to Department H looking for him, but was abducted by Doctor Horatio Huxley and subjected to experiments involving the weaponization of the Thetagen-24 bacteria. Huxley’s plot was ultimately uncovered by Alpha Flight, and Crawley was rescued.

Later, Crawley was among those mutants captured by the Weapon X program and imprisoned in “Neverland,” a concentration camp that was ironically built by her husband while under Weapon X’s control. Disturbed at seeing perversions of Jeffries’ Box robot operating as guards, Crawley openly challenged their authority. However, all mutants in the camp had been depowered, and she was severely beaten by the Boxbots.

Since the advent of House of M|"M-Day", Crawley has found herself a member of the mutant refugees collectively known as the 198.




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