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UnrevealedDirt Nap



A body stealing mutant, Dirt Nap absorbed Special Agent Daryll Smith of the NSA's Mutant Task Force when Smith sought to arrest him; shortly thereafter, Genesis (Tyler Dayspring) recruited Dirt Nap into his Dark Riders to help captured Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett). Believing the easiest way to achieve this was to absorb Wolverine; Dirt Nap stole the body of an innocent young boy, Algernon, using it to get close enough to strike. He consumed Wolverine, but his targets healing factor proved indigestible, forcing Dirt Nap to spit him out. Dirt Nap absorbed a rat to escape before the angry Wolverine retaliated. Genesis captured Wolverine, in an attempt to brainwash the vicious mutant and bond Adamantium to his skeleton; however, the procedure failed, and Wolverine was instead regressed to a completely feral state. As Wolverine massacred his teammates, Dirt Nap fled the scene.


5'8" (variable)


155 lbs. (variable)


Brown (variable)


Balding (variable)

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