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Seemingly responsible for the destruction of his own race, Dirty Wolff at some point became leader of the Last Men, sole survivors of various races and most feared plunderers in 12 galaxies. For sometime every time everything worked out just fine, but then the galactic moral council known as the Code caught Dirty Wolff and sent him to their penal colony Damnation City, where he was imprisoned under the watchful eye of warden Lucifer Rasputin. Incidentally, the Last Men found Deadpool (Wade Wilson) floating in space and after defeating their most feared member in combat they chose Deadpool to liberate Dirty Wolff from Damnation City. After infiltrating the penal colony dressed as a guard, Deadpool found Dirty Wolff chained up inside of a cell located in the lower level of the City. Deadpool released Dirty Wolff, who insisted on getting his bike before leaving. Damnation City's fuses got fried when Deadpool recharged the weakened Dirty Wolff on an electric chair, releasing all of the prisoners. A recharged Dirty Wolff and Deadpool fought the prisoners, but their situations was further complicated when the Last Men's ship was destroyed. Now forced to get Dirty Wolff's bike, they continued to fight the prisoners while Lucifer evacuated the prison's staff, plan to self-destruct it. Deadpool and Dirty Wolff made to the bike, but while Deadpool escaped he accidentally left Dirty Wolff behind in Damnation City, which blew up a minute later, apparently killing Dirty Wolff.




1,640 lbs.





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