Doctor Stephen Strange (Earth-58163)

Stephen Vincent StrangeDoctor Stephen Strange



Dr. Stephen Strange is the most successful psychologist in New York City. He is an expert in most psychological disorders, but has dealt almost exclusively in a new human distress condition commonly known as "Dead-End Syndrome." The syndrome became prominent following the rise of mutantkind. It was an extremely profitable field, and one he excelled at. He seemed to be able to relate completely to those who are overwhelmed by their "average" human standing in this new world order.

Recently he has trimmed back his patient load, feeling a little stressed by the enormous number of patients with similar problems. Currently, he is treating Robert Reynolds, a man who claims he is being followed by blackness and believes he may have had superpowers at one time. While this is not that different from some of Strange's other patients, he feels differently about Robert Reynolds, as if Reynold's psychosis may be a sign of something bigger.


6'2 1/2"


180 lbs.




Black, white at temples

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