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An ex-SHIELD agent, the Don of the Dead became a major drug lord in Mexico, using Mexican Special Forces trained by Taskmaster to arrest then overthrow Mexican drug cartels. With the police in his back pocket and other criminals too afraid to act against him, the Don was an unstoppable force. When Taskmaster stumbled upon the Don's base while searching for the mysterious Org's headquarters, the Don wanted to claim the bounty the Org placed on Taskmaster's head. Taskmaster escaped but was pursued, and challenged the Don to a duel while traveling on top of a bus; the Don was skewered when Taskmaster copied his fighting style and used it against him. Unmasked, the Don of the Dead claimed to know Taskmaster when they both worked for SHIELD, but a blown tire caused the bus to swerve violently, throwing the Don from the moving vehicle and over a cliff edge. Apparently surviving his fall, the Don chased a thief to New York, demanding the thief return the money he stole from him. Opening fire during the West Indian Parade, he attracted Power Man (Victor Alvarez) and Iron Fist (Danny Rand), who defeated the Don and his men.









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