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Suffering from a mysterious disease, caused by an unknown assailant, Drom's infant body was switched with his aged form just minutes after his birth. It caused him to live his life in reverse, and as the years went by, he became younger and would continue to do so until he became an infant once again and finally cease to exist. Everything from Drom's metabolism to his speech was backwards, but there was a way to prolong his life – even at the cost of others.

Drom was able to siphon off life-energy from other humans, and in turn, it would sustain him in an attempt to slow his regression. He was successfully living off his fellow humans until he decided to set his sights on Spider-Man and Iron Fist. He manipulated them into fighting each other, but when his plan failed he had to confront them directly. Drom managed to kidnap Spider-Man, but a timely interruption by Iron Fist saved the wall crawler's life and ended Drom's when they broke his precious mirror. With Drom faded from existence, it was as if he never really lived, and therefore, his memory quickly faded from the minds of the two heroes.

*Note: A man identified as Drom was seen some time later in the "Bar With No Name", but whether or not this was the actual Backwards Man has yet to be revealed.









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