Druid Walsh

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Druid Walsh was an illiterate, down on his luck Vietnam veteran, who tried to make it in professional wrestling after the war but was let go because the fangs he had surgically implanted were deemed too dangerous inside the ring. Walsh developed a bad reputation, making him something of a local legend; some claimed he lifted a grand piano over his head, carried it to a rooftop and tossed it off, crushing a police car on the street. Other stories claimed he beat six mob goons with bricks he tore out of the wall, ripped a street light from out of the ground and threw a car into a police station. Joy Mercado, a reporter for the Daily Times, was writing a series on "Exploding Myths," looking to expose Walsh as a fraud.

Living on the streets with no source of income, Walsh extorted money from local businesses and had just left one establishment when he bumped into Joy on the street. She asked to buy him dinner, and he mistook her proposal for genuine interest but soon discovered she wanted to write an article about him, promising him a second date. He was up front with her about his exaggerated exploits and showed a side that challenged his tough-guy reputation that everyone seemed to fear. After dinner, Walsh was disappointed when she left him standing alone on the sidewalk, not realizing she was merely using him for a story.

When the article was printed the following day, Walsh needed someone to recite it to him and was devastated to hear Joy's cruel and heartless words, publicly humiliating him. Enraged, he went to the Daily Times and saw the subject of her next "Exploding Myth" was Moon Knight. When Moon Knight placed himself between Walsh and Joy, Walsh pummeled him and took her back to the restaurant where they had their "date." Chasing everyone out, he set the timer on a homemade bomb while giving her the real story of his life most never heard. Moon Knight mounted a rescue, but Walsh fought him to a standstill. One lucky shot allowed Moon Knight to escape with Joy, but Walsh pursued and the two fought on the restaurant's skyscraper roof. Walsh collapsed from exhaustion, the bomb detonated, and Moon Knight was unable to save him. Both man and myth died that day, but truth was Druid Walsh was a dumb thug who never hurt anyone unless he was pushed first.









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