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Duncan Vess



Duncan long ago forsook his werewolf heritage to live among humanity, in the 21st century, he was the author of the successful “Werewolf Chronicles” novel series, which brought him into the long-escaped attention of the Council of Werewolves. Angered by Vess’ betrayal, the council hired the mercenary Deadpool (Wade Wilson) to kill him. Unaware of these events, another werewolf, Lycus, also targeted Vess for death. When Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett) tried to get Vess to sign a copy of his newest novel, “Blood Moon,” for his teammate Kitty Pryde, both men recognized the others feral nature. This caused Vess to depart rapidly, to his home where he was violently ambushed by Lycus while Wolverine, trailing Vess, encountered Deadpool as he prepared to break into Vess’ home. While Wolverine battled Lycus, Deadpool used a silver dagger to goad Vess into trying to access his long disguised werewolf self, to limited success. Lycus temporarily stunned Wolverine and Deadpool and cornered Vess. The arriving Council of Werewolves halted Lycus, revealing their true reasons for hiring Deadpool and accusing Lycus of losing touch with his humanity before turning him fully into a wolf, which fled into the New York streets. They prepared to destroy Vess for forsaking his wolf side, but Wolverine stepped between them. As dawn approached, the Council of Wolves teleported away, warning Vess to be long gone before the next full moon and that they would hunt him forever. Unable to live in werewolf tribes and forbidden to return to his chosen life, Vess resolved to disappear in a remote town where he could simply…be.




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