Dusk was a member of the Hellbent race, a species whose existence dates back to prehistory, when the remains of early races intermingled with early man. Their ancestral procreation conceived the Hellbent, beings shunned by both human and inhuman. Dusk was very loyal to Seth leader of the Hellbent, who deemed her to be special among their race due to her unique talents. Dusk allowed Seth and the others to move about virtually undetected. Dusk along with her brethren (Arc, Bass, Belle, Crackdown, Hook, Lava and Spike), assisted Seth in his ongoing confrontation with one of the "Hellbent-Prime," Jean-Paul DuChamp who possessed the Bloodline, and blessed with a post-hypnotic ability to transform into any of his ancestors through concentration. As Bloodline, Jean-Paul helped Moon Knight thwart the Hellbent, but Moon Knight seemingly died in battle with Hellbent leader Seth. Nightshadow, Hook and Dust embarked on a killing spree in New York City before fleeing to parts unknown. A group of Hellbent - the "last of the night-tribes" - established the Nest, a Caribbean Island home. They believe themselves to be the last surviving Hellbent. Dusk eventually resurface in the company of her “Shadow Sister,” Dawn and the Hellbent stalker Manx in the sewers of New York City, while in search of Ness and Slaine traitors to the Nest. During the ensuing confrontation Manx, was killed by Slaine, however both Dusk and Dawn managed to escape back to the Nest.









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