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Young Chuck Moss learned of the world's supernatural forces from Michael Twoyoungmen, a.k.a. Shaman of Alpha Flight. He left a promising career as a professional hockey player with the Edmonton Oilers when his father nominated him to become Shaman's protégé. Before Shaman could begin teaching Moss he opposed a demon who sought Moss's untapped power to return to Earth as a god-like being. Alpha Flight, along with Wolverine's help, were able to destroy the demon. Realizing the danger Moss could represent if left improperly guided and unchecked, Shaman requested Wolverine's help in teaching Moss the ancient art of bushido. Moss was a quick study under the tutelage of Wolverine. During his training he discovered his shamanistic totem was the earthworm, which meant he was an Earthmover. He joined Alpha Flight as Earthmover, and fared well during a clash with the X-Men wherein he opposed Juggernaut with a trio of rock golems. Moss and Alpha Flight were later captured by the alien Plodex for use as genetic templates to create a new breed of "Super-Plodex". Freed by a new Alpha team led by Sasquatch, Moss and his teammates left Earth to return the remaining Plodex eggs to their home world. Though his teammates have since returned to Earth, Earthmover's current whereabouts are unknown.




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