Enforcer (Mike Nero)

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When the Wrecking Crew picked Mike Nero up for their boss, the Hood, they learned how useful a man like this would be as their teammate. From killing zombies to taking out mob snitches to fighting werewolves and vampires, the new Enforcer was making quite a name for himself. The Hood needed someone on his team with Nero's specialties and extended him an offer to join.

Nero's uncle was the previous Enforcer, and he advised his nephew on the nature of the industry. When the Enforcer was killed by Scourge, Nero took over the family business and inherited his uncle's arsenal. His refusal to join Hood's gang was unmistakable and violent. Using a creature that feeds on demonic energy to attack the Hood, and shooting the Wrecking Crew with magic bullets, Nero made an exit through the nearest window. Hood shouted threats after him.

Nero knows that one day he may meet his end, like his uncle, but for now he was just getting started.









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