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In 1602, Grand Inquisitor Enrique set himself upon a mission to hunt down and eradicate people born with special powers, witchbreed as they were called, or at least the ones that couldn’t hide it. The ones that could he squirreled away to join him. Enrique used the Inquisition to disguise his purpose as one of holy vengeance against people who were gifted by the “Devil.” But, secretly, not only did Enrique have special powers, but also his children, Sister Wanda and Petros; though they did not know who their father was. Enrique had captured a boy with angel wings, who obviously could not go unnoticed, and prepared to have him burned at the stake. But first, he sent his son to the court of King James, encouraging the king that Enrique could turn England against the witchbreed when needed-to further his own cause, but that Carlos Javier’s students be taken to him if they were ever captured, for Enrique to punish. Javier was a fellow witchbreed, and an ex-friend of Enrique’s, who built a school to house the less physically appealing witchbreed, and so was set against Enrique.

The sunrise came quickly, and the counterfeit Angel was strapped to a stake, prepared to burn for being born. The Inquisition offered him a quick death if he renounced his existence; but he refused. Though before they could set him alight, the torch grew cold, and Javier’s men, Scotius Summerisle and Robert Trefusis appeared, using their own natural powers to free the boy. Wanda soon began to doubt her own powers, questioning Enrique if, in fact, they were also gifts of the Devil; but Enrique merely pointed out that, as a Grand Inquisitor, he would make sure that her and her brother would never be targeted by them. Her brother appeared moments later, giving word that James was ready to side with Enrique. Shortly afterwards, a man named Brother Tomas came from his Holiness, questioning whether the rumor that Enrique had been talking with King James was true. Whether it was or wasn’t, Tomas’ job was to kill Enrique, and he prepared to do so by cutting his throat and pushing him into one of the pits below the Inquisition’s Fortress. Before he could, Enrique revealed his own powers by turning the man’s metal dagger back upon himself, using his mind to slit his throat and drop him into the pit, instead.

When Count Otto von Doom murdered Queen Elizabeth I, King James assumed that Enrique had, as Petros has suggested to him that it was a possibility. He was grateful, and so Enrique didn’t correct him. James was prepared to continue sending him witchbreed. But when James captured Javier and his students, he refused to be restrained by his agreement with Enrique, and told Petros as much. Things began to get uncomfortable for Enrique, as the Papal envoy, Brother Tomas, was missed. Though Enrique’s servant in the Vatican felt that with Doom’s rise in power, the Inquisition would be overlooked. Thing were not overlooked, however, by James, who discovered Enrique’s dealings through Enrique’s Vatican minion, Toad. One of James’ men soon captured Enrique and his children, and ironically intended to burn them at the stake. Enrique first asked that his books and belongings he hid under the floor in his study be spared, knowing that the King’s man would burn them out of spite. The man then taunted Enrique with the fact that he was born a jew, named Enrico, but sheltered by Christians, then he burnt Enrico’s beard off with his torch. When his belongings were brought, Enrico lifted the helmet that Javier had given him to his head with his mind, and then broke free from the metal chains, along with his children. Together, they neutralized the guards and escaped from England by boat.

Enrico let his boat be taken by the winds, though he had planned to travel to where the rest of his newly christened Brotherhood hid. The boat eventually found its way to the New World, and Javier’s men soon attacked the boat and crew. Robert used his ice powers to freeze the outside of the boat, trapping Enrico and his children inside. Javier then spoke into Enrico’s mind, finding out why he was headed to the New World. He did not believe Enrico’s explanation: that he had simply drifted there. Javier later opened a hole in the ice and entered to make a deal with Enrico. He needed his help to patch up the hole in their universe, and Enrico agreed without knowing the circumstances, but offered in return that Javier would have to agree to his own set of demands, later. Though Javier distrusted agreeing to something he hadn’t even heard yet, he knew there was no choice.

Then, as part of the group of heroes who worked to fix the rift, Enrico used his electro-magnetic powers to open the rift enough for Captain America to be put back through, healing the tear. Enrico later explained his conditions; firstly, that he was headed north, and wanted no one following, and no investigation; and lastly, he asked Javier to train his children, Wanda and Petros, and not reveal to him that he was their father, but that one day he would come back for them. With Javier agreeing, Enrico parted ways.









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