Feron is the last descendant of the original Feron, who remained on Earth 616 to wait for the return of the Phoenix Force. He was raised by an order of monks in the county of Sligo, in Ireland, training his mind to host the Phoenix Force in order to defeat the Anti-Phoenix. The monks kept Feron shielded from the outside world, to keep his mind and intentions pure, and he was forbidden to touch the ground. When the foretold moment arrived, Feron's feet were allowed to touch the ground, calling the Phoenix Force to him, but the Force did not reply his calling. The Anti-Phoenix was released, without Feron to stop it, and merged with Necrom. The monks thought it would be best for Feron to join Excalibur and help them against Necrom. After the defeat of the villain, he remained with the team.

Alongside Excalibur, Feron rarely used his powers or fought, remaining behind in Braddock Manor, though he helped against the Troll Associates and followed the team to the future of Earth 811, Rachel's home reality. As they returned from the mission, Captain Britain was lost in the timestream. This severely affected his lover, Meggan, who entered a fugue state, remaining unmoving in a waterfall. Feeling the empath's pain, Feron attempted to contact and help her, but he was overwhelmed by her pain and turned into water himself, loosing his corporeal form for a time.

Some time later he was able to regain his body at last, and his first thought was of revenge against Excalibur, because they had forgotten about him. The Crazy Gang had lost one of their members, the Executioner. Feron stole the Executioner's robe and pretended to be him. Assuming leadership of the team, he led them against Excalibur, crashing Brian Braddock's bachelor party. His plan failed, but he was soon forgiven and invited to the wedding afterwards, which took place in Otherworld. Whether Feron returned to Earth or stayed in Otherworld remains to be seen.

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