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Jack Taggert worked on Project: Firepower as the pilot for the experimental suit. The government sponsored the program stating that it was for soldiers in the next war, and to control rogue super beings; when in reality it was to stop riots. Jack trained on a simulator learning to operate the suit and take down Iron Man. During a test run of the suit, Jack took down two tanks and jet fighters easily. Later in the deserts of Arizona Firepower fought Iron Man, who knew he was using Stark technology. Iron Man fired everything he had at the new suit showing no mercy. Out gunned Tony hid in a canyon hoping that he could detect any attacks coming at him. Firepower succeeded in a sneak attack by breaking through the solid rock of the canyon to approach him from behind. Tony stuck a negator pack onto the Firepower armor but quickly learned that the negator pack had been analyzed and precautions were put into the Firepower armor to render it useless.

Wounded Iron Man flew back to the Stark Enterprises helicopter hovering overhead. Against the superior armor Tony climbed out of the suit and sent it out of the helicopter luring Firepower away. Firepower then fired a Terminax missile at it seemingly killing Iron Man. In the days that followed Jack continued to follow Cord's orders, even attacking a government truck that tried to take the armor away. Firepower became one of his henchmen threatening the Marsten Manufacturing group to turn down Stark's bid, attacking Acutech, and even attacking Tony and his workers. Because of Taggert’s actions, Tony finally decided to take matters into his own hands and stop Firepower.

Iron Man returned with an even more powerful suit and confronted the villain. Sporting new upgrades Iron Man easily defeated Firepower, lodging him into the ground. In a last ditch attempt to win, Firepower set the Terminax missile to explode in thirty seconds, hoping Iron Man would try to stop it and be killed. The backpack that housed the missile was damaged and wouldn't allow it to exit. Jack pleaded with Iron Man to free him from his armor but Iron Man said that it was impossible. Using an E.M.P. Tony slowed the countdown long enough to cancel the timer. Jack then said that others will kill Iron Man like he had, resulting in Tony ripping the Firepower suit apart. Stunned Jack stated that Iron Man said he couldn't take him out of the armor. Iron Man then coldly responded that he had lied.


5'9" (Armored) 15'


230 lbs; (Armored) 2 tons





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