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Roscoe SweenyFixer



Roscoe Sweeny used his status as a mob boss to fix boxing matches, thus gaining the name “Fixer”. The Fixer gave Jack Murdock a chance of a comeback in the world of boxing and in order to build up a reputation for Murdock he paid his opponents to lose their matches. The Fixer told Murdock to throw a fight against "Dynamite" Dave. Murdock refused and instead won the fight. Furious over Murdock both disobeying and doubled-crossing him, the Fixer had Slade, one of his henchmen, kill Murdock. Jack Murdock’s son, Matt Murdock, became enraged when the legal system failed and became the costumed vigilante known as Daredevil in order to capture those responsible for his father's death. Daredevil tracked down the Fixer and Slade, but the Fixer managed to escape while Daredevil was savagely beating Slade. Daredevil chased the Fixer into a subway station and terrified the Fixer so much he ended up having a heart attack and dying.




175 lbs

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