Foolkiller (Michael "Mike" Trace)

Michael "Mike" TraceFoolkiller

A vigilante artist, a madman performer, the Foolkiller wants fools to know there's nowhere to hide.



An unmasked vigilante artist and revealer of dark truths, Foolkiller is a relentless punisher of the foolish and a merciless killer of the corrupt.


Tragedy Strikes Twice

In reality Earth-200111, Michael “Mike” Trace grows up with his mother Evelyn, a sculptor, and his father, an electrician. Mike’s dad becomes unemployed due to stagflation, and when the family witnesses two thieves stealing, Mike’s father teaches him that no matter how bad life gets, they have to maintain their integrity, which is the only thing that separates them from fools. 

While Mike’s father tries to sell a valuable item at a pawnshop, Mike steals some comics, stuffing them in his shirt. The pawnbroker calls him out only to spar with Mike’s father who defends his son. The pawnbroker shoots him in the stomach, and the comics fall from Mike’s shirt as his father lay dying.

After the tragedy of losing his father, Trace learns how to fight and lands himself jail time in a juvenile detention center, breaking his mother’s heart. When he wins a $10 million dollar jackpot, he cleans up his act, trains in martial arts, and invests his money. He builds a conglomerate known as Trace Enterprises, of which he is the CEO. His company has a hand in commercial real estate, databases, and automotive manufacturing as well as oil and gas. He sets up a fund in his mother’s name with five percent of the company’s profits, but she never makes a withdrawal.

He gets greedy with his company, choosing cheaper alloy for the automotive side to increase profit. Later, his mother buys one of her son’s cars and while driving it, she gets into an accident with a school bus. She and several students die due to his foolish decision.

He sells off his corporation and anonymously gives every last cent to the families who lost children in the accident. His begins to drink, gets a Jester tattooed on both his shoulders, and tries to commit suicide. About to jump off a bridge and letting go of sentimental paperwork and pictures, a bank account’s record flies in his face, reminding him of his mother’s profit sharing plan that he created and made himself the beneficiary, which contains over $19.7 million dollars.

Later, attending a circus, he sees an untoward Jester lure a child with candy to his RV. He follows him and snaps his neck with his bare hands, killing him. He steals the dead man’s cane-sword and strings him upside down. A black puppy follows him out of the RV sporting a name tag that reads “Jester” and Mike invites the pup on his new journey as the Foolkiller.


Expert Swordsman

In battling fools, Trace typically uses a cane-sword and will use other weapons around him, even a gun if the occasion calls for it. He is skilled at hand-to-hand combat with fists like stone and strong enough to take down several athletes, having once killed an entire Lacrosse team for raping a woman. 

Trace as Foolkiller leaves “The Fool” Tarot card for his potential victims asking them, “Are you the fool?” and on his victims as well post mortem. He also occasionally employs a Jester-carved coin to determine whether his victims live or die.

He also has a black dog named Jester with teeth like a Rottweiler and a spiked collar who assists him in taking out criminals.

The Foolkiller works out of Foolscape, a wrecking yard where cars go to die. Out of one of the abandoned semi-trucks, he maintains a system of surveillance that he uses to spy on people and hack into the DMV to locate his foolish prey. 


The Foolish

The Cheese, a mob boss replete with henchmen, is on Foolkiller’s list of fools. The Cheese employs Sickle Moon to take out the Foolkiller but Foolkiller goes after the Cheese, using Nate McBride as a distraction, and kills him. Sickle Moon abandons his mission though not before he kills McBride in the process.

Brother Fury, the leader of a white supremacist group called the White Angels, incites violence through his alter-ego Bootleg Jack, a radio celebrity that’s popular among the angels. Foolkiller gets wind of his wicked ways and takes him out for a drive, literally tied to the back of his truck. killing him.


Foolkiller’s Friends

Detective Daniels believes Foolkiller is helping reduce violence by cleaning up the city’s criminal element, and comes to Foolkiller’s defense.

Nate McBride, a former NFL defensive lineman and enforcer for an online sports gambling house gets his wife and daughter killed and seeks out the Foolkiller for help. He becomes the Foolkiller’s assistant, gathering intel on mob bosses and their henchmen.

While killing white supremacists known as White Angels, Foolkiller runs into Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher. Though resistant at first, they team-up to take them all out, including the group’s leader. They succeed in their time together and even take out assassin Sickle Moon.


A Foolkiller’s Errands

The Foolkiller was approached by Nate McBride, a former enforcer for a gambling operation who sought the Foolkiller’s help to protect his remaining family, namely his eldest daughter Janie who needed a heart transplant. McBride’s gambling problem got his wife and younger daughter killed. The Foolkiller called him out as a fool at first but considered an alliance when he realized McBride was connected to the mob boss known as the Cheese.

Foolkiller went after the Cheese using McBride as a distraction and in the process one of the Cheese’s hired assassins, Sickle Moon, killed McBride. Foolkiller successfully killed the Cheese and takes McBride’s body to the hospital, making it known that his heart is a match for Janie’s transplant.

He later targeted white supremacists called the White Angels, who lynched an ex-convict that was turning his life around. The Foolkiller caught up with some rousting and killing migrant workers and dismembered a number of them with his sword. He also covered a group in plaster and carved the words “Pure White” into their chests as a message to the other White Angels. Shortly thereafter, he came face-to-face with the Punisher.

Together, after realizing who each other were, Foolkiller and the Punisher went head-to-head with a group of White Angels and removed some of them from the board. Punisher revealed that the White Angels were gun-running rifles and semi-automatic weapons for cash. They argued about their methods, claiming to both work alone though they agreed to stay out of each other’s way.

They worked together against White Angels’ idol Bootleg Jack, an underground supremacist celebrity that broadcasted his hateful messages and incited violence on the radio. Foolkiller threatened Jack but left him alone, while the White Angel leader known as Brother Fury hired Sickle Moon to take the Punisher out.

Moon caught up with Foolkiller and the Punisher after they killed another Angel, and took on the Punisher. Though the Foolkiller lobbed off one of Moon’s arms and threw him over a bridge seemingly to his death. Foolkiller and Punisher parted ways.

The Foolkiller then received word about a rally through another Angel that he killed and in attending it, he slaughtered the supremacists. Brother Fury, who was actually Bootleg Jack, heard about it and tried to leave town, but not before Foolkiller found him and dragged him behind his truck, killing him.



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