Foolkiller (Ross G. Everbest)

Ross G. EverbestFoolkiller

Boasting a divine purpose, the Foolkiller purifies criminals as only the righteous can.
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Ross G. Everbest is the righteous Foolkiller that kills criminals while boasting divine purpose. He is the only one worthy of wielding the “Ray of Purity” gun and as such uses it against those he deems fools, ending their life on Earth.


Refusing to Suffer Fools

Born paraplegic the same day his soldier father died in action, Ross G. Everbest is raised by his mother, a nurse for the Red Cross, though she dies in the field on his 9th birthday. Frustrated by his own inability to serve, Everbest obsessively studies the military. Miraculously standing after a session with faith healer Reverend Mike Pike, Everbest gains new purpose and becomes Pike’s protégé, eventually surpassing him in renown and being thought a new messiah. 

Everbest spends over a decade interpreting the growing levels of criminals, protesters and dope pushers as mocking God and the military and as signs of civilization’s imminent end. He eventually decided to kill these “fools” as God’s adventuring agent, the Foolkiller. Rushing to show Pike his new costume and role, Everbest finds him drunkenly partying with a woman and his new donations. Enraged, Everbest strangles Pike, then—still considering Pike his inspiration—enshrines his body in a formaldehyde tank. With Pike’s wealth, Everbest furnished a tractor trailer with advanced computers and somehow obtained his deadly Ray of Purity.


Heaven’s Finest Warrior

A charismatic preacher and a skilled combatant, Everbest is only limited by his fanaticism. His “Ray of Purity” gun fires a beam of white laser-like light, incinerating a man in seconds. He drives an armored truck with advanced surveillance devices and a red sports car.


The Fools

When Foolkiller mistakenly puts innocents in harm’s way, the God-playing scientist Ted Sallis, AKA Man-Thing, steps in to protect them, but ultimately faces off with Foolkiller whose hate is felt and seen as a threat. Foolkiller chooses to spare him but when Man-Thing advances, Foolkiller kills him with his “Ray of Purity” Gun.


Aspirational Allies

Reverend Mike Pike, a spiritual leader, helps restore Everbest’s ability to walk. Everbest looks up to Pike and fashions the Foolkiller costume with a new purpose: to kill fools. Though when he discovers Pike sinning, he kills him for his foolish behavior. Still an inspiration, Foolkiller enshrines him in a tank.


Criminal Record

The Foolkiller slew 72 victims before Ohio DJ Richard Rory publicly ridiculed him. Upon receiving death threats from Foolkiller, Rory fled to Citrusville, Florida, but Everbest followed him, also targeting two more fools there: Man-Thing, and nature-desecrating construction company owner F.A. Schist. Foolkiller seemingly slew the Man-Thing, but it regenerated and confronted Foolkiller in his shrine as he prepared to execute Rory and Schist. In the ensuing struggle, Foolkiller’s blast shattered Pike’s tank, and a glass shard fatally pierced Foolkiller’s heart. 

Greg Salinger, inspired by Rory’s stories, later adapted his costume and arsenal as the new Foolkiller. Everbest’s spirit went to the demon-lord Mephisto’s Hell, fighting constantly in the Arena of Lost Souls.




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