Forge (Age of Apocalypse)

Jonathon SilvercloudForge



In the "Age of Apocalypse" when mutants were called "superior" and ruled all of North America by eliminating those judged unworthy. Not everyone believed in Apocalypse's mad edict that only the strong survive. Many factions rose against the evolutionary tyrant, one such group was the "Outcast," which was lead by Forge. His band consisted of the misshapen English scholar Toad, Soaron the irascible pterodactyl man, Brute a being of limitless strength and limited intellect, and Mastermind the ever silent illusionist. This merry band pretended to be a traveling circus catering to the human survivors of cullings ordered by Apocalypse himself to reduce the unnecessary human population. During their travels Forge and his crew stumbled across the young boy Nate Grey, Forge taught the youngster how to fight without using his mutant abilities.






Right black, left cybernetic



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