The mysterious man known as Fracture, was first on the scene attempting to rob a bank, however, the caper was foiled by the wall-crawling Spider-Man, which sent the criminal into a destructive tantrum. The upset villain was destroying buildings throughout the city of New York, when Spider-Man caught up with him once more. Spider-Man acted quickly and used his webbing to prevent the debris from impacting the pavement. Fracture captured the web-slinger and attempted to use his destructive powers to crush the heroes head, but he was tranquilized by Blade the Vampire Hunter.

Fracture was later seen at an construction site in New York, destroying a new structure as part of an issuance scam. He was spotted by Spider-Man and Daredevil, who teamed up to capture the villain. During their scuffle with Fracture, Spider-Man was being Stalked by a mysterious female Kraven (Ana Kravinoff).

Fracture has not been seen since this event took place.

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