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Geatar was a powerful and loyal member of a band of space pirates lead by Nebula. He served as her second in command and was present when Nubula commandeered Sanctuary II, the humongous space vessel belonging to Thanos of Titan. Geatar was blasted and defeated by Thanos while attempting to follow the orders of Nebula. Thanos later enhanced Geatar's body with bionic implants that altered Geatar's appearance so as a rouse to allude Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer, who had sensed Thanos' return. After inspecting Geatar's body Starfox determined that he might be as strong as the Hulk. Mentor later created a clone of Geatar and transferred his original memories and consciousness into the cloned body. Sometime later Geatar freed the catatonic Nebula from prison and took her to a dead moon, where Doctor Mandibus revived her by rebuilding her brain and enhancing her body with cybernetic parts. Geatar was a little apprehensive about Nebula's procedure, but he gladly followed her to the prison planet Annoval 14 also known as "the Anvil" to free her crew. The resilient pair gained entrance to the prison when Geatar pretended to have captured Nebula and was attempting to collect the bounty for turning her in. While executing their plan Geatar and Nebula were defeated by the Silver Surfer and the Jack of Hearts who was on Annoval to receive armor that would contain the “zero fluid energy” that flowed throughout his body. Geatar was injured in the heat of battle, resulting in Nebula abandoning her crew to save his life.









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