Next to nothing is known about the newest creation of the Mad Thinker, save for the fact it faithfully serves the Intelligencia. The first real test of its power was aboard the Hellcarrier against the Red Hulk. Although it was severely damaged during the brawl, the Gammadroid did what was intended and injured its foe to a point where he could be easily captured by M.O.D.O.K. and Cosmic Hulk.

Two weeks prior to its confrontation with Red Hulk, the Gammadroid was ordered to protect its master against a rampaging Red She-Hulk. The robot warned its upgrades weren't complete, but the point was moot to the terrified Mad Thinker. Gammadroid did its best, but in the end, Red She-Hulk deactivated it by pulling out some of its inner components. The Gammadroid was then used to uncover a time machine stolen from Doctor Doom by Thundra in order to look one year into the Intelligencia's future.

One Gammadroid led to several, but even a small army of these powerful androids could not stop the sensational She-Hulk and Lyra from capturing the Mad Thinker.

* Note: Before he was captured, Mad Thinker created Byte - an android engineered to be more powerful than the Gammadroids.









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