Gargantos is the deadly beast from the briny deep that makes all of Lemuria shudder!



The giant octopus Gargantos fights Lemurian Emperor Naga's battles. 


Under the Sea

Gargantos is a gargantuan octopus that dwells under the sea, and is controlled by Emperor Naga of the undersea Kingdom of Lemuria. 


A Sea of Strength

The giant octopus Gargantos equipped with several tendril arms whose reach exceeds that of Atlantean's flight capabilities. Using these limbs, Gargantos can strangle and toss around his prey. Gargantos is aptly named for his massive size and boasts incredible strength.


Bigger Fish To Fry

When Emperor Naga pits his octopus Gargantos against Prince Namor McKenzie, AKA Namor the Sub-Mariner, of Atlantis, Namor blinds him in the fight. Namor encourages Gargantos to go after Naga who pit them against one another, though does not make it far as Naga uses the power of his crown to strike the beast down.


A Tale of Tendrils

When Naga, emperor of Lemuria, pitted Namor against Gargantos in his royal arena, a fierce battle was fought. When Gargantos wrapped his tendrils around Namor, defeat looked imminent but he struck at one arm, severing it from Gargantos. Gargantos responded by whipping Namor around the arena, smashing it to bits. Namor used his spear to strike out Gargantos' single eye and ordered him to attack the Emperor who made them fight each other. But the emperor Naga unleashed the power of his Serpent Crown and slayed the goliath Garangtos.

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