While traveling cross-country with his girlfriend Roxanne, Johnny Blaze came across a group of bikers that seemed friendly enough, buying the couple beers all night long. After closing, Blaze found out their hospitality came with a price. He was murdered, the blood drained from his body as an offering to Satan. The bikers went on to become some of the richest and most powerful men in America, and one even went on to become the Vice-President – Bobby Blackthorne.

Satan offered Blaze a chance for revenge, and Blaze sold his soul to make sure Roxanne's life would be spared. Nearly twenty years later Blaze has returned to claim the lives of the bikers who killed him all those years ago and send their souls to Hell. Once Blackthorne got wind of this, he ordered Nick Fury to kill Ghost Rider. Fury assembled a team of operatives, including the Punisher and the first Hulk, but it would take more than fancy weaponry and brute strength to take Ghost Rider down.

As each biker was killed, Blackthorne feared for his life and made another bargain with Satan. Blackthorne was transformed into a second Ghost Rider, but that didn't deter Blaze. The two Ghost Riders fought until they changed back to their human forms, and Blackthorne got the upper hand. Blaze was beaten and about to be killed a second time, but the Punisher assassinated Blackthorne. Punisher told Blaze he was on the hit list too, but Blaze was confident Punisher wouldn't kill a man who was avenging two deaths. Blaze was right and Punisher let him leave without incident.

Satan was true to his word, and Roxanne is living a normal life with her husband and children, and as long as Blaze continues to deliver souls to him he'll have no cause to cancel the deal.






Blue (Blaze); Flaming red (Ghost Rider)


Blond (Blaze); None (Ghost Rider)

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