Thought a mere legend, the Golem is a centuries-old creature made from stone to protect the persecuted, but in the wrong hands, it’s a rampaging monster.
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More than just a towering figure made from stone and clay, the ancient Golem comes to life to aid the persecuted and punish aggressors wherever they may be found.


Truth be Told

Desiring an end to the suffering of his people in the 15th century, Rabbi Judah Loew Ben Bezazel crafts an immense humanoid figure from stone and clay, and through supernatural means traces “emeth,” the Hebrew word for truth, on its brow. The Golem comes to life and crushes the local aggressors, then wanders off to become a tireless champion of oppressed peoples everywhere.

Following the stone being’s defeat of the evil sorcerer Kaballa the Unclean, it walks off into a desert and rests there. For many centuries, the Golem stands in that spot, the drifting sands covering its seemingly lifeless form, until in modern times, it is uncovered by archaeologist Professor Abraham Adamson. Unfortunately, the professor suffers a mortal wound at the hands of a clutch of soldier looters, but before he dies he manages to breathe life into the Golem once more and the creature, animated once again, crushes his murderers.


Earth Power

Though made from only stone and clay, the enchantments woven into its creation enable the nearly nine-foot-tall Golem to exist as a living being, albeit one who endures periods of immobilization and lifelessness. While animated, it exhibits great strength and endurance, but subject to those who bring it to life through a form of limited telepathy. At its peak strength, the word “emeth” (the Hebrew word for “truth”) appears on its forehead. The Golem also possesses the power of speech and independent thought, but again limited by circumstances.


Fellowship of the Stone

After the death of Professor Adamson, the Golem becomes attached to members of the man’s family who are part of his expedition to find the creature. Now, Adamson’s nephew Jason, his niece, Rebecca, and Rebecca’s fiancé Wayne seem to direct the Golem in its actions through their own desires and search for truth.

As to enemies, the stone figure apparently seeks to destroy anyone who abuses others, driven by their pleas for freedom. In particular, the Golem opposes the sorcerer Kaballa and his many supernatural minions, though it falls prey to magic stronger than that which aided in its creation.


Written in Clay

The Adamsons left the desert in which their uncle discovered the Golem and brought it back to the United States, but when Kaballa learned of the creature’s return he sent air-demons to dog the group’s heels on their journey and then fire-demons to attack them at their ultimate destination, Sand Pedro University. The Golem fended off both assaults, but during the battles the sorcerer realized it was powered not by the earth it trod upon, but by the love and truth of the young people themselves.

Finally, Kaballa managed to gain control of the Golem as he had schemed to do for centuries and directed it to proceed on a rampage across the university campus. The Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm, AKA the Thing, clashed with the stone figure until it imparted the truth of the matter to Grimm via its mental powers. In the end, while the Thing battled Kaballa’s fire-demons, the Adamson’s regained control of the Golem and forced the sorcerer to flee in ignoble defeat. With its ancient enemy gone, the giant creature became immobile once more.

In more recent years reports have surfaced of the Golem fighting alongside S.H.I.E.L.D.’s monster-driven strike force known as the Howling Commandos in a clash with the wizard Merlin.




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